Development Philosophy

Big Games From Small Teams

A small team with the right talent, passion and attitude can accomplish great things. We believe that experienced veterans working together with upcoming talent in small feature teams is the best and most fulfilling way to develop games.

Our ideal team size at Off-leash Interactive is 15-20 developers, with everyone on the team wearing multiple hats. We want all developers to continue their growth and acquire new skills with us, ever-improving at their craft, both widening and deepening their skillset.

Great ideas can come from anyone on a small team. We encourage all team members to participate in design discussions and brainstorming sessions. We have yet to meet a game developer who isn’t creative – our games are an outlet for that creativity!

Our Office – at the heart of Hornstull in Stockholm

Our ambition is to make the office a creative environment where every team member is able to contribute and put a personal touch on the space. This has created a unique and cozy feeling for everyone to share.

We are located very conveniently with excellent access to the subway, parks and a plethora of lunch restaurants.

All combined makes coming to the office a treat!

Ownership & Autonomy

We believe in high autonomy and ownership for our developers. We want to empower and facilitate every developer to make fantastic games and do what they do best.

Ownership extends to both features and process. Every feature team decides internally how to approach a feature, and how they want to work together in building it.

Developers should not only enjoy what they work on, but also how they work.

No Crunch

We do not believe in crunch and are vehemently opposed to it. We strive for a healthy work/life balance.